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As Older Nurses Near Retirement, More Openings For New Generation

Almost one-quarter of registered nurses (RN) age 55 and older could leave nursing in a short period, opening the door for less–experienced RNs to take their place, according to a new study.

Twenty-three percent of nurses aged 55 and older indicate they change their work dramatically, including opting for retirement or leaving the nursing field for other types of work.

AMN says... Read More

Nursing News

Survey Finds Nurse Practitioners Enjoy Work

Nurse practitioners (NPs) might be the most professionally satisfied group in healthcare, according to a recent survey conducted by Staff Care, a temporary physician and NP staffing firm and company of AMN Healthcare. The results showed 100% of those questioned said have positive feelings about being a NP, and 99% said they are positive and optimistic about the future of their profession. When... more

Nursing Industry New Year's Career Resolutions

More than 40 percent of Americans pledge some form of self-improvement, most resolutions fall into the “get healthy” or “be a better person” categories. Career commitments don’t show up nearly as often, but why not take a few minutes this month to plan how you can advance your nursing career in 2014? Here are five suggested goals: 1. Use social media to create career possibilities. more

Economy Sends Workers To School, Especially For Nursing

Graph lines comparing unemployment to the number of students pursuing higher education or specialized training often show a corresponding trend: as unemployment rose, so did enrollment. Lisa Barrow, a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, co-authored a paper about post-secondary enrollment increasing nationally between 2007 and 2010. She found that during the recession and... more

Experience And Education Matter For Nursing Opportunities

In the job-search world, perhaps no other sector is talked about more, and less understood, than health care. It is such a broad topic, encompassing so many occupations, that much of the information on job availability is confusing and conflicting. For instance, while there are many reports that nursing is a constantly in-demand profession and that many employers fear a "nursing shortage," there... more

Opportunities Available For Travel Nurses

The adventure of travel nursing sounds exciting, but nurses who are considering this career option should weigh the pros against the cons. For example, travel agencies may not offer sick time or vacation pay benefits, and nurses can be financially penalized if they don't complete a 40-hour work week. In addition, travel nurses are usually expected to stay to complete a patient assignment that... more

Nursing Prospects Expected To Continue Strong Outlook

Brookings analyst Martha Ross said health care remains a bright spot for employment growth. "Even though the health care field is in the midst of major changes, it remains a labor-intensive enterprise," she said. "Employment will only grow as baby boomers age and are more likely to use health care services." Health care employs about 14.5 million people nationwide and accounts for 10.3 percent of... more

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Overcoming Inexperience On A Resume

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Latest Jobs

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South Pointe Rehab
Oklahoma City, OK

Physical Therapist, Transitional Care Unit (Per Diem), #00032918

Saint Barnabas
Belleville, NJ

Inventory Specialist per diem, #3000109

Saint Barnabas
South Plainfield, NJ

PCU-3F Full time Evenings, #00028964

Saint Barnabas
Toms River, NJ

RN, #00031144

Saint Barnabas
Livingston, NJ

ED Tech-per diem days, #00029315

Saint Barnabas
Toms River, NJ

Adjunct Therapist (per diem days), #00036102

Saint Barnabas
Belleville, NJ

Visitng RN, Home Health Essex, #00041421

Saint Barnabas
West Orange, NJ

Visitng RN, Home Health Essex, #00041422

Saint Barnabas
West Orange, NJ

Phlebotomist/Lab Assistant- Full Time/Day, #00030006

Saint Barnabas
Toms River, NJ

Visitng RN, Home Health Essex, #00041419

Saint Barnabas
West Orange, NJ

RN-2A part time days, #00024717

Saint Barnabas
Toms River, NJ

Registered Nurse (RN) Hemodialysis Per Diem, #00034493

Saint Barnabas
Livingston, NJ

Coder V, #40184

Saint Barnabas
Newark, NJ

PACS Site Administrator, #00041446

Saint Barnabas
Jersey City, NJ

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