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You may have a new nursing degree, or you may have years of qualified experience and healthcare education. Either way, you worked hard to get to where you are in your nursing career right now. But today’s workforce reality means competition for jobs, even in the healthcare and medical industries. Thanks to the Internet and mobile computing, healthcare employers and recruiters are able to review hundreds of qualified candidates almost instantly. Your nursing resume is going to be one of many...
Forget hectic hospitals and crazy hours. The job interview might be the scariest process you’ll ever experience as a nurse. You're trying to sell yourself for a position that you want, and you have to put your best foot forward while not knowing what the employer is seeking exactly. Being nervous is expected, but you can do yourself a favor by doing a little prep work beforehand. Preparation is key to calming your nerves and boosting your confidence. Here's how you can get started: Review the...
Nursing career fairs are a great opportunity to meet and network with other nurses, find out more about nursing as a career and, most importantly, meet recruiters from the healthcare industry. Attending such events can have numerous benefits for both job-seeking nurses and those wanting to expand their network. The benefits include: Access to a large number of healthcare recruiters in one place. Finding out information about a variety different fields related to nursing. A chance to impress...
The field of nursing is constantly changing. The rules and requirements, procedures and the knowledge base changes almost daily. You need to keep up with the latest trends and advances in order to get and keep the job you want, and provide quality care to patients. As you choose classes to keep your professional credentials up to date, here are some topics for education that may prove useful in the coming years.  Privacy, Security and Confidentiality of Information As a nurse, you are...
According to the US Census Bureau, one in every 8.4 Americans has an employment disability (21.3 million, out of the total workforce of 178.7 million). Based on the fact that nurses are part of the general population, one might assume that one in every 8.4 nurses might have an employment disability. If that is true, 291,548 nurses would be affected. more...
Now that I've worked on my unit for a few years, I'd like to become a clinical educator. How do I move into that role? more...
Nursing careers can span a wide array of positions in varying environments. One particularly interesting subset is that of traveling nurses. Given the growth within the medical industry combined with increased nursing specialization, traveling nurses are more in demand than ever. But taking your career on the road is not for everyone. Along with the benefits a traveling job can offer, there are also many difficulties that must be considered. Compensation Traveling nurses earn premium...
Job opportunities are strong nationally for registered nurses who only hold an associate’s degree. So why does it make sense for many nurses to return to school, and for aspiring nurses to stay in school until they earn a bachelor's degree? Many reasons, with money at the top of the list. A BSN program is more in-depth than any other registered nursing training curricula, and can include courses on theory, as well as such business issues as human resources and office management. Having the...
The nursing profession is experiencing aggressive growth as nurses continue to assume many tasks, functions and responsibilities once considered the exclusive province of physicians. Nursing salaries have risen and commensurate with the field's growth; even today's entry level nurses can earn excellent salaries in relation to other industries, and those who pursue additional education and training earn nursing salaries that range from high five figures to high six figures....
The topic of nursing jobs has been getting a great deal of press lately.  Titles like, "Georgetown University Study: 5.6 Million New Healthcare Jobs Expected By 2020", and "Nursing Tops List of High-Paying Jobs In the Future" have inspired many to consider becoming a nurse.  From LVNs to RNs, traveling nurses to nurses who work with hospice, the possibilities for nursing jobs seem endless.  However, along with the excitement, the lure of a good paycheck, and the...

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Medical Facilities of America
Unspecified, VA


Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI

Physician - Alpine Primary Care

Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI

General Neurologist

Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI

RN - New Grad - Acute Care - Special Care Hospital - (Part Time / .6 FTE / Days)

Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI

Physician - Orthopedic Surgery - Hastings

Spectrum Health
Hastings, MI

Physician - Geriatrics

Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI

Physician Assistant/Nurse Practitioner - Hospitalist/Part Time (Big Rapids)

Spectrum Health
Big Rapids, MI

Physician - Family Medicine - Ludington, MI

Spectrum Health
Ludington, MI

Physician - Family Medicine - Lakeview Family Practice

Spectrum Health
Lakeview, MI

Physician - Pediatrician - Fremont, MI

Spectrum Health
Fremont, MI

Genetics Counselor **$2,500 Signing Bonus Offered

Spectrum Health
Grand Rapids, MI

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