Nursing Industry New Year's Career Resolutions

Nursing Industry New Year's Career Resolutions

More than 40 percent of Americans pledge some form of self-improvement, most resolutions fall into the “get healthy” or “be a better person” categories.

Career commitments don’t show up nearly as often, but why not take a few minutes this month to plan how you can advance your nursing career in 2014? Here are five suggested goals:

1. Use social media to create career possibilities.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, it’s time to create one. Healthcare providers of all kinds are increasingly using social websites to network and look for job opportunities.

According to one survey, over 40 percent of healthcare workers now use social media to look for jobs; about half receive mobile text alerts from job recruiters. If you’re not one of them, you’re falling behind.

Start by creating a LinkedIn profile that highlights your education, experience and expertise. Be sure to include your credentials. Simply doing that much will open a world of possibilities to you.

My LinkedIn profile highlights my writing expertise, but because I’ve included the words “Registered Nurse” and “RN,” I regularly get emails from LinkedIn, highlighting job opportunities for RNs.